@ reign-of-loki

Emily walked slowly along the sidewalk with a calm demeanor, observing the world around her with laid-back curiosity. After exploring for a while she came across an empty building, seeming to be abandoned. She peered inside of it, since there was no door to open or to burst through. She heard and saw absolutely no signs of life. It was dark and gloomy, the walls and were rotting and the floor creaked eerily. She stepped inside, the rest of her body entering the empty place as the floor groaned with every step she took. As she examined the area more closely, the place became creepier and creepier. She couldn’t shake the feeling that something was there with her; something was lurking, hiding, waiting. Suddenly, she froze. Hearing footsteps and noises from the shadows behind her, she whipped her head around and drew her bow. “Who’s there? Show yourself!” She wouldn’t take an arrow out just yet. Instead, she waited for the shadow to emerge from the shadows as her heart pounded wildly and adrenaline surged through her veins.

Loki crept through theĀ forsakenĀ building watching in the dark the girl as she stepped silently into the room. He took a couple steps toward her and she turned around. She hadn’t seen him though, not in this darkness. He paused and stayed quiet. He continued through the darkness with 3 more steps and he wasn’t sure if he could see her yet. He took a couple steps to the side. She probably could see his outline in the darkness now.